#⓪❶ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 01, Tips and Tricks ~ Bullet-Proofing Your Groups.Cache File

The Sims 2 Tutorial Series – Stop Game Crashing, Hood Creation, Tips & Tricks and More! What’s New on The Jessa Channel? I teach you how to make your groups….

15 comentarios en “#⓪❶ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 01, Tips and Tricks ~ Bullet-Proofing Your Groups.Cache File

  1. The Jessa Channel

    It is not a very well known trick, but it has saved me at least once! And
    it keeps you from having to always delete your cache files.

  2. filipepatriani22

    My game takes 50 minutes to load, so I sure will try this (and any other
    thing except cleaning my cc folder to make it load less slower :P) when I
    get home. I’ve read something about it at MTS in another thread, but I
    could never imagine this would be so simple. Thanks again, Jessa 😀

  3. Jossy Smith

    Thanks for the tip Jessa, this is the first I’ve heard of this. I just
    delete both files out of habit before I load up, but any tip to improve my
    loading time is much appreciated. I think I have about 14 gigs of stuff and
    it takes about 30 minutes to load.

  4. CDX2400

    Thanks for the help, is there any ever concern in the accsesory file
    causing crashes in game? will you ever be talking about this or is the
    groups cache one of the more main factors of game crashes? thanks again

  5. The Jessa Channel

    I have never of accessory.cache caused the no start problem. I have heard
    Simmers recommend that you delete it every once and a while to keep the
    game starting smoothly. The groups.cache file is the real “problem” file.
    And welcome to the party!

  6. temptinggal

    Hey Jessa 🙂 Is that mean that I just have to do what you did, empty this
    groups.cache file, save and convert it for read only, and that will be
    enough? No deleting or emptying this file every once anda while? Sorry for
    asking like a complete idiot, but I just wanna be certain :)

  7. temptinggal

    and some off topic, thank’s for your tutorials and all let’s play’s you are
    such a help for all of us, inspiring us to make a beautifull story for our
    sims. I was playing sims rather boringly or automaticly like a robot,
    forgeting about all that happiness which comes with the sims 🙂 Big thanks
    for you and lots of hugs!
    PS: you have very calm voice, so it’s been realy relaxing for me to listen
    to you

  8. Amunique2u

    Thanks i got the big X on my screen but i did not fret because saw what you
    did a couple of weeks ago and saved it in my history and pulled it up when
    i got that awful looking thing on my screen thanks so much Jessa you saved
    this simmers life


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