#⓪❸ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 03, Tips and Tricks ~ Hood Creation Tutorial, Part One

The Sims 2 Tutorial Series – Stop Game Crashing, Hood Creation, Tips & Tricks and More! What’s New on The Jessa Channel? The first part of a hood creation tu…

10 comentarios en “#⓪❸ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 03, Tips and Tricks ~ Hood Creation Tutorial, Part One

  1. nathan dwain

    I wish i could use Sims City 3000 to do this haha. I can’t go buy any games
    anymore :(. Oh well thanks to amazing Custom Hood makers I can get a great
    Hood to build from the ground up. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  2. Galaxy Gammer

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!! recently i just built a
    hood and sadly it was a fail… everything was too big. Thank you for
    showing me how to build my own hood, i really want to give it a try! Thank
    you for the tutorial!!! <3 you really are the best Lets player!!! 😀

  3. Ian F

    A tip for anybody who does get unwanted trees in TS2: Set up a second hood
    with no trees (The Viper Canyon map that comes with the game has none) and
    then use the HoodReplace tool from MTS to replace only the terrain and
    roads of the second hood with those of the first hood. It worked for me and
    saved me from hours of deleting unwanted ‘hood deco. Thanks for another
    great tutorial Jessa!!

  4. Peony

    You mentioned that you can use the Simcity 4 basegame, but I could not get
    the basegame to recognize sc4 files from TS2. When I copied sc4 files from
    the TS2 terrain folder to the SC4 download folder, they simply were not
    there when I tried to load them from SC4. I had to use SC4 Deluxe to get it
    work. I’m really enjoying your tutorials!

  5. The Jessa Channel

    Hey, Allen! I have no desire to do subhoods with Acanthop. I designed it so
    that all that I need is on one map. I may make my own vacation subhoods at
    some point, though.


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