#⓪❺ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 05, Tips and Tricks ~ Hood Creation Tutorial, Part Three

The Sims 2 Tutorial Series – Stop Game Crashing, Hood Creation, Tips & Tricks and More! What’s New on The Jessa Channel? The third part of a hood creation tutorial, that’s what! In this Sims…

14 comentarios en “#⓪❺ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 05, Tips and Tricks ~ Hood Creation Tutorial, Part Three

  1. MissAmazanda

    Are you going to show how to use the lot adjuster by Mootilda? The
    instructions baffle me, and I’m too scared to use it. Love all your vids! –

  2. Theboneclltr

    So I’ve just realized my laptop can play Sims 2. I’m so excited to start!
    Coincided with the start of your tutorial series (which is amazing by the
    way)! By the way Jessa, do you know where I can buy Sims 2 along with all
    of its DLC (a website)?

  3. charlotte williamson

    I managed to Buy them all from ebay for a very good price , Amazon is still
    selling them for a low price, As for the DLC ( Store content ) I do not
    think you can get the items any more, But Their are some really awesome
    custom content creators. so Think of cc as an alternative to Store content,
    Hope this helps

  4. perfect2the2ndpower

    Those without the Freetime EP *can* use the modify terrain cheat if they
    have the Mansion &Garden SP. This is the case for me 🙂

  5. Jossy Smith

    Jessa, would you be able to do a tutorial on placing hood deco? I’m trying
    to place a train bridge and tracks and it isn’t working too well.

  6. The Jessa Channel

    Jo, I have two more tutorials going up in the next few days but then I need
    to turn my focus to other aspects of my channel for awhile. Also, I cannot
    do tutorials quickly enough to answer your questions. I suggest you make a
    video (just use the in-game video tool) and show the problem you are having
    and post a request for help at MTS. Much faster than waiting weeks and
    weeks for me to do one.

  7. perfect2the2ndpower

    I would like to start recording video of me building in my game, but I
    don’t know where to begin! I went looking for a tutorial on how to shoot
    footage of gameplay, specifically for the sims 2, and then I remembered
    that you were doing a TS2 Tutorial series. Would you consider doing a
    tutorial on how to capture video for TS2?

  8. OmarSPiedra

    Hi Jessa 🙂 I was just wondering that if you use Mootilda’s Hood Replacer
    to add roads to an existing neighborhood, would the sims already living in
    that neighborhood be deleted?


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