#⓪❻ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 06, Tips and Tricks ~ Modifying Neighborhood Terrain

The Sims 2 Tutorial Series – Stop Game Crashing, Hood Creation, Tips & Tricks and More! What’s New on The Jessa Channel? We learn about the Freetime EP ModifyNeighborhoodTerrain cheat, that’s …

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  1. Jen Smustles

    God Jessa, I am so glad this finally showed up! Your previous tutorials
    inspired me and I’ve made TWO hoods from scratch since I watched them and
    if I had seen this first, or had the paitence to wait I could have fixed
    all the niggling problems that bug me! Welp, when I make my next one it
    will be PERFECT. lol. Thank you for these, seriously!

  2. Beth Orman

    I’ve spent weeks struggling with terrain that constantly tears when I place
    a lot. I went through a ridiculous process, copying the terrain back and
    forth using Hood Replace, flattening it, trying again. This helps a lot!

  3. Jossy Smith

    The one thing I haven’t got yet is a camera mod and yes it’s pretty much
    impossible to work on hood terrain except or place deco away from the
    middle. The download itself is a bit confusing as I’m not sure which file
    to grab.

  4. Freezer Bunny

    I’m a she, but don’t worry. XD You can also reload the terrain (to fix the
    water) by entering a lot or loading another neighborhood. What I meant
    about the subhoods is that you can create them to preview your terrain in
    TS2 faster while you’re making it in Simcity 4.

  5. Freezer Bunny

    And you should mention in your next tutorial video that you can’t edit the
    edges of the terrain, or you game will crash. Just a suggestion.

  6. Jen Smustles

    Quick Question that I could probably find out by Googling but you seem to
    know everything so I’ll ask you 😛 UK Keyboards don’t have the / by the P
    or Brackets… Will it still do the same thing? Or is there another button?

  7. The Jessa Channel

    A. I don’t know everything. B. Always, ALWAYS google before asking me. C. I
    don’t know the answer to this question, as I have never used a UK keyboard!
    So go ahead and google. 🙂

  8. The Jessa Channel

    Also, the best thing to do when you are wondering is to back up your game
    and push some keys until you find the right one. 🙂 My motto: Back up and
    try it out.

  9. The Jessa Channel

    I did not know that! Okay… well this hood tutorial series is done, so
    hopefully people will notice this comment. I will be doing other tutorials
    just not on hood creation. Also, sorry about the gender flip-up!

  10. The Jessa Channel

    I am hesitant to do so because I may have cheats in there that do not work
    for others without the same game configuration. I find it is usually best
    to point people to information and let them make their own that works just
    for them. What I am willing to do is make a video showing others how to
    make their own. It may be awhile before I get the time to do it.

  11. Keke Lyon

    Oh, cool! I learned something new today! Before I watched this video, I
    could modify terrain by increasing elevation, decreasing elevation,
    smoothing, and leveling, but I could only do so by one point at a time.
    Your tutorial taught me the neat trick of modifying a plot of land, which
    may be so useful. This is great! Now, I can just apply my newfound skills
    to adjust the terrains. I may not be able to adjust roads, but at least the
    neighborhood terrain can be modified! :-D


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