#⓪❼ The Sims 2 Tutorial Series 07, Tips and Tricks ~ Decorating Your New Hood

Make sure to stay until the end, I showcase many other simmers’ hoods in a beautiful slideshow. Maybe I showed off yours? boolprop dontmergenhflora false Ja-…

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  1. The Jessa Channel

    Make sure to stay until the end, I showcase many other simmers’ hoods in a
    beautiful slideshow. Maybe I showed off yours?

  2. The Jessa Channel

    Jo, I strongly encourage you to let go of that thinking of “blowing up”
    your game. Back up and try it, is my motto. Also, I do not know which file
    you need/want. You need to read the directions carefully and figure it out.
    I would love to help, but cannot because I do not know what your specific
    needs are. All that I teach in these tutorials I learned from reading
    carefully, backing up, then experimenting and that is what I encourage from

  3. The Jessa Channel

    If you train is not placing, you can use Sara’s directions in the
    “Neighborhood decorations can be placed anywhere” mod thread to make the
    railway place wherever you want. That’s what I did and it was not hard.
    Just changing an attribute in SimPE. I did this to get several pieces that
    Sara missed to work for me. I will not do a tutorial on this, but just
    follow the directions step by step.

  4. Jossy Smith

    Thanks Jessa, I guess I learnt to extract sims and do a rebuild I can learn
    this too. Just have to do it when the kids are out of the house and I can
    think straight -like now lol.

  5. seldomareelephants

    This is wonderful. Not finished watching yet, but I love your “lecture”
    about building sim-sized. I agree with all your points. And I’m totally
    guilty of building those huge, ridiculous, sprawling houses in my early sim
    days. Enormous bathrooms that could fit a double bed. Smh. Lol. I blame EA.
    They obviously made it a point to make the worst designed premade houses

  6. seldomareelephants

    Jessa, you are such a thoughtful, creative player. Some of the details you
    include astound me. Like putting the bigger trees in the far hills where
    they would be allowed to grow, or sectioning off that one area for the
    trucks. Just so inspiring and imaginative. And that story you shared about
    the player who abandoned her hood after making all those thousands of
    minilots seriously made me laugh out loud. I’m working on a hood that is
    coming along quite nicely thanks to your lovely vids!

  7. The Jessa Channel

    I do not at this time but sometimes I give away goodies to folks in my
    livestreams so watch out for announcements of when I am doing one next. I
    put an announcement here, on my website and on twitter. And I am so glad
    you are enjoying the episodes.

  8. Miguel Velasquez

    How can I get sims 2 bodyshop and custom content? When I installed sims 2,
    I skipped making an ea account. Is that necessary to have bodyshop. The
    custom stuff makes everything better. Thanks ans please respond!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. The Jessa Channel

    Always google first before asking. You can get CC without an EA account,
    bodyshop works just fine. Thanks for watching!

  10. The Jessa Channel

    Hi Yume! I have only built a few hoods over the years because I intend to
    play them for a long time. I do think for several weeks about what I want
    in the hood and how I want it planned out. For this hood my number one goal
    was to have no subhoods. I wanted a university, downtown (mainland),
    farming area, seedy docks etc. all on one map. Glad you are enjoying the
    videos. The channel is down for a few weeks while I obtain and build a new
    computer, then more videos!

  11. killingxthexlightsx

    In one of this series of videos, you mentioned a banking system. I am
    curious as to what you mean and how you utilise it. Thanks (: I loved this
    series of tutorials by the way; I consider myself somewhat seasoned at
    building hoods but I’m about to start a new one and your videos have helped
    a lot.

  12. The Jessa Channel

    Hey there! So I set up my bank selling silver coins that appreciate in
    value over time ( available from MTS) and I also have a Sim who owns the
    bank who can loan money using Monique’s computer. I also have ATMs there
    (also from MTS) I sell the Wallet Token Controller from MTS, which is
    disguised as a plant and can send money back and forth. When my new
    computer arrives I will make more Sims tutorials, including banking.

  13. melvin de vries

    Hi jessa,

    Your tutorials are very handy and I use them to create my own little town.
    It Is alot of work but it is worth the efford.

    I have a question, maybe I am a bit late with it to ask but I hope you will

    I love the neighborhood grass/terrain (without the flora). It is a nice
    vivid green colour. My question is what kind of mod do you use ? I looked
    everywhere but I find terrain replacement that are too dark (green) or not
    functioning correctly.

    Can you tell me please because I am just like you very detail oriented and
    I put so much effort in it like building all my houses, farm, trainstations
    etc (1×2 1×1 2×2 and it is very pity that I have that ugly maxis terrain

    So please help me with it. 


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