BEGINNER TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity BuildIt iOS iPhone, Android – Ep2

Tips & Tricks for SimCity Build It on iOS, iPhone & Android by Electronic Arts. In this Lets Play we Walkthrough some Tips & Tricks for the game. How to Incr…

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  1. sIeepingmonster

    Additonal tip: Don’t rush and build all the house at least build at least 3
    houses until they became sky scrapper. Because every level you will unlock
    a new building like the fire station and people will demand you build it
    and if you have not enough money you cant build it and the people will be
    unhappy and leave your city.

  2. Korey Olowe

    if you keep upgrading your big houses/skyscrapers, you’re gonna have to
    upgrade your roads eventually. the 4 lane and 6 lane roads are expensive.
    if you dont upgrade or move the houses, your sims will leave and will leave
    a good dent in your population and happiness

  3. Squidward Tentacles

    I need to rearrange my city but I’m not sure if my sims will leave if o
    take them from places. Will the sims move in again?

  4. Julienne M

    [This my help others who has Water Towers,Sewage, etc. and still asks for
    If your CAPACITY in your water towers, Garbage dumbs, Sewage, etc. are
    Lowers than the “Demands” it means you need to buy another one so the
    Capacity will rise, For EX: If the number of your Capacity in the Water
    Tower is 39, and the number of your “Demands” are 40, You have to buy the
    cheapest Water tower which has the 9 Capacity so your Capacity will turn
    “48 capacity”. Reply if you need more help.

  5. Scarface16626

    My Game Center is Chrisguy45 I’ll buy anything you post for max price. My
    city’s called xylvaina I general sell a lot of storage and as soon as I’m
    done with my map I’ll sell bulldozer items. I have about 700k dollars on
    hand and A few in items please sell me bulldozer items thanks


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