Creature High (Voice Over Sims 2 Series) Episode 2: Magic Tricks

Clara, Blythe, Marlene, and Theia have found themselves in the middle of a fight with two witches while they explored the woods. As always, thank you to my cast and fans! This was my first…

25 comentarios en “Creature High (Voice Over Sims 2 Series) Episode 2: Magic Tricks

  1. ceesy5

    Trivia: Marlene comes from a long line of vampire hunters Theory: i think
    Bythe’s parents were killed Poll: Theia, definately GREAT EPISODE!! LOVE

  2. Titanium Ace

    Trivia: Marlene comes from a long line of vampire hunters. Theory: Blythe’s
    parents died. Poll: My best friend would be Clara.

  3. toontownrocksccp103

    Marlene: Ires, Respected vampire hunters Theory: I think they died against
    the a fight with the Lillups… Even though they already dead but like a
    stake through the heart or burned by a fire maybe… Poll: Marlene

  4. lastdarkesthour

    poll – clara definitely. this is reallllyyy; really good 😮 especially the
    soundtrack part, it really adds to the ambience or tone of the video; great
    job 😉

  5. Amanda Busuttil

    @pleasantlyperplexed I’m new with this google account and I’m thinking of
    possibly make my own voice over series so help me out here pls… after you
    to a cast list for audistioins do the people who auditioin send it to your
    e-mail? If I’m right ok thanks for clearing things if i’m wrong how is it
    done? pls awswer but tyt. Lots off love 😀 xxx P.S Rocking job on ur series

  6. KayGirlFun

    ER, not trying to put you down (love the series), but is it just me or does
    the sims have over-done expressions. Did you mod or is that natural–I
    haven’t played sims in a while. Forgive me for my ignorance.

  7. Me Horror

    This is my opinion so don’t hate:

    I’m not really liking this series. It’s too confusing and I just don’t get
    it. This is just an opinion, I’m not hating it so don’t hate me -_-


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