«Flips ‘N Tricks» Collection Preview Sims 3 Custom Animations.

I’ve had such little time to animate thanks to exam week, but personally, I am all done and can get back to the fun stuff. :3 This is a preview of the up coming collection I have called Flips…

18 comentarios en “«Flips ‘N Tricks» Collection Preview Sims 3 Custom Animations.

  1. Angelwaddle1

    Damn! I thought these were like actually from the game because they look so
    lifelike o.o BTW are you almost done with the ones I requested? (i dont
    mean to be all like pushy or annoying…lol xD)

  2. MintoratyCat

    Nope, completely my own custom animations! ^^ Okay, I will be honest. After
    the ones I’ve recently posted, I have not done any other requests yet, as
    Exam week has just ended for me today and I can actually properly start to
    animate again. So no, I haven’t got them started yet. XD I am sorry for the
    delay, but like I have said in many things, I can’t always get them done in
    the times you’d wish. x3

  3. MintoratyCat

    Lots of time and patience my friend. I don’t have a children skeleton
    sadly. I can’t make any animations other than adult animations that also
    work on teens, but sometime their skeletons are smaller and the poses or
    animations go underground.


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