Hollywood Makeup Tricks with MOLLY SIMS and MONIKA BLUNDER

Hello again everyone! I’m super excited about today’s video!! The full makeup video tutorial with my dear friend and long time client the beautiful MOLLY SIM…

25 comentarios en “Hollywood Makeup Tricks with MOLLY SIMS and MONIKA BLUNDER

  1. scarletdaze

    Hi Monika.. May I know what are you wearing on your wrist ?? Just found
    your videos .. Gosh! It’s so nice n I love all your accessories ^^

  2. Marsen

    Looks good, but personally I would not put dark shadow in her crease as she
    already has deep-set eyes and it makes them look more hollow, which is
    aging. Still, she looks beautiful.

  3. haligirl2

    Love your videos monika! Your looks are always flawless! I always watch
    your videos before bed, your voice is so soothing!

  4. Maraya Lankisch

    Hello Monika, I wanted to know what under ever concealer do you think works
    best to cover dark circles/puffiness without making you look more “tired”
    or without the makeup settling in the creases of skin? Thank you, by the
    way, I adore you and all your tutorials! :)

  5. Gary Brink

    Love this it inspires me. Definitely validates a few techniques I’ve found
    that work for me such as two styles of brushes for foundation 🙂 love it
    thank you. And the love of my life MAC 217 brush haha

  6. Chelsea Ryan

    I also feel like mascara on my bottom lashes drags my eye down. Which leads
    me to a question — I love the look of shadow or smudged liner under the
    eye, like what you’ve done to Molly here, but I feel like it NEVER works
    with my round/somewhat droopy eye shape. It makes smokey eyes impossible!
    Any tips? Absolutely love your work!

  7. Hannah Kiddie

    Hi Monika, I love your videos. I am very intrigued by this one in
    particular. Why did you apply “Bobbi Brown Chocoloate Milk” the other way
    on Molly? What effect are you trying to create? Can you still contour if
    you apply the Chocolate Milk the way you did? I hope you answer my
    questions. :)

  8. StefanieChannel

    You can tell Molly is an actress “LISTEN TO ME TALK, ME, ME, ME”. Let the
    makeup artist explain as she is the professional and who we want to listen

  9. lisa phillips

    I’ve had the summer tan product forever and couldn’t quite get it to work
    right-thank you Molly for saying your make up sinks on you – it does on me
    too – i thought it was the product – that you this sun kissed method has
    really softened my face !

  10. Samantha Lauzon

    I use both of those mascara’s and they are amazing! Especially the bottom
    lash Clinique one. It doesn’t smudge or flake it’s awesome. However Molly
    said she uses Latisse which is a great product if you can afford it. There
    are a number of less expensive (tried and tested) lash enhancing serums.
    Like Rapid Lash at $40 a pop and Stimulash at $91 a pop. Still way less
    expensive than Latisse and they both work amazing.


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