How To Build Your Perfect House in The Sims 4

Take a guided tour of the new build mode in The Sims 4 and see all the ways you can now easily customize your homes.

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    i honestly think they need to delay this game its in september and you have
    over 20 games in october they will be crushed. lol

  2. CRBASF2

    Let me guess, DRM and a requirement to be connected 24/7 with the pretext
    of playing and sharing content with other players, but at the end it will
    cause EA servers to crash the first months until one year later when they
    allow offline mode.

  3. ZackRToler

    I want to know if my Sims will finally be smart enough to squeeze between
    objects instead of needing a whole block of empty space to get by.

  4. Dominic Hill

    So do half you people just watch this video to comment and insult people
    that may have some interest in this game? Some of us, such as myself may
    have played since the sims 1. Im still just as much a gamer as anyone else
    i play shit tons of payday and team fortress and the like but just because
    i may also play the sims and that doesnt mean i have anymore or less of a
    life then people that play other games. Just show some respect for people
    with different tastes than you instead of going off on one and pissing all
    over fans of this because the cool kids think this isn’t as manly or badass
    as call of duty.

  5. SeriousFox

    Yet again, EA tries to ruin the great game by removing major features from
    old game. SimCity, FIFA, Battlefield… now it’s time for Sims.
    It’s just Sims mobile with fancy graphics.. duh

  6. _AlphaCraft_

    3:04 ….only 9 sofas? This game is gonna be shit, you all have no idea how
    bad it’s going to be. You’ve deluded yourselves into thinking it’s going to
    be jam packed with tons of things to do when in reality, you’re going to be
    spending over $100 dollars on store content and expansion packs. You don’t
    realize it until this game fucks up your computer. Even some of the best
    gaming PC’s can’t even handle the Sims 3 because it’s so picky about what
    system it’ll work for, it’s like trying to get a kid to eat their
    vegetables. The Sims 1 and Sims 2 had more content than this and the Sims
    3. EA has always been and still is a blood thirsty company siphoning the
    money from all of you. Hardcore Sims fans will be sucked in and before they
    know it, their money is now forfeited to EA.

    No pools
    No toddlers
    no create-a-style
    no editing community lots
    Only one neighborhood(with fewer lots than the Sims 3 and Sims 1)

    Some of these things that have been staples in the series since #1
    I will never understand why you are all hyped for this game, it looks
    beautiful but that’s to hide EA slapping their greedy dicks.
    I need you all to know where i’m coming from, I’m was and still am a
    die-hard Sims fan. I played since #1, and gave up on the series at the end
    of the Sims 3. I stick to the Sims 2 now and looking at this. I shudder at
    what this is going to turn into.
    This isn’t Sims, It’s “DLC: the game”

    (and no, I’m not some idiot of JUST plays the Sims, I play Skyrim, Smash
    Bros, Resident Evil, pretty much everything out there, I love Sims because
    I grew up playing it, I don’t know why everyone’s insulting fans here but I
    thought I would clear things up regarding that)

  7. Jett A Angeles

    Last Sims that I played was Sims 1 haha. I could build a house in that game
    like no other. But these new tools are just killing me. Bought Sims 4
    earlier today and I just bought this tiny house hahaha. I will learn one of
    these days!

  8. Olivia Martinez

    Thos ‘Arrow handles on the sides of rooms’, were already there. :/ it would
    be nice if the gaming ‘press’ did know about the game. as some one so
    kindly stated before me. Ah well, lets leave these non-gamers alone. not
    every one can be a geek. sigh


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