INTERMEDIATE TIPS & TRICKS – SimCity Build It iOS, iPhone & Android – Ep4

More Tips & Tricks, Need Help on SimCity Build It for iOS, iPhone & Android by EA? In this Lets Play we Walkthrough Some things like How to Demolish Buildings, Increasing City Storage Farther,…

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  1. David Joiris

    Hi, thanks for your tutorials. There are not lots of tutoriels about
    SimCity Build it and knowing that I can only understand British people (I’m
    Belgian), imagine how surprised I was to finally understand someone ^^

    I’ve got a question that you may have answered already but I didn’t find
    it, how do we add friends ?

    Yet, I’ve got a tip indeed, once you’ve reached the level 14, DO NOT go
    further, do everything you can so you don’t reach the fifteenth level or
    it’ll get too hard. Once you’re 14 or 13, or even 12 (but not less), just
    stop building (because that’s the only thing that makes your level go
    higher) and just reach build things that make more people come, not
    buildings, I mean parks, services, and so on so more people arrive and you
    get more taxes from them and with that you can build more parks, services
    (and so on) so as to increase the number of your people and you keep on.
    Also, do not forget to make people happy by building services.

    By doing that, I’m now on the 14th level and I’ve got 43000 people (which
    is nice) they’re happy for I’ve got 97% of happiness. I get 8562 coins
    (each day) and that’s quite enough when you can wait. And with that money,
    you build a park each day which increases the number of people and you get
    more coins everyday… Once you’ve built all you could build and you see
    that there’s nothing else you can do, happiness is 100%, just wait a few
    days or weeks if you want to get lots of coins so after that you can build
    buildings, go to higher levels and build immediatly the services people ask
    and need. Always be patient, if you go too quickly, you’ll lose your
    people, your money and your progression.

  2. Ashley ASHLEYM

    Raw items have always had the fastest selling pace for me. Metal is the
    best thing to sell at max price. I put it in on the market it is usually
    gone within five minutes.

  3. Tony k

    Good vids buddy. Two questions :
    1) does it matter where you place your parks? Ie middle of couple
    apartments or as long as area is green you are fine.
    2) is it better to place your factories near beachfront ( like yours) or
    towards top of map?


  4. SuperZy1

    Ok so I have a problem and was hoping someone could help me out. I’m level
    14, doing pretty well so far. However, since I was around level 10, I
    couldn’t give parks to EVERYONE and buildings essentially stopped asking
    for upgrades altogether. I assumed that this was because happiness wasn’t
    100% (I’ve had 90+% happiness since the beginning). After building parks
    for everybody and getting happiness to 100%, buildings still aren’t asking
    for upgrades. Help?

  5. CLEVEN11

    Hey i’m lvl 23 and I have 153.000 people with 99% happyness. My buildings
    are tall but I’ve seen other cities with taller skyscrapers who mostly have
    this glass-designer optic. How to get them?! Do I need to build some
    specific education centre? 

  6. Julien Keen

    hi, I’ve watched all your videos from this series and I like them but I
    hava a question, how is it that you have such a zoom out and shadows. I
    have no shadow and my zoom is a lot closer (using android 4.4.2). tx

  7. Pia Iese

    Spending a week making vegetables, ive reached the end of 17 houses and
    need a serious break,, its a bit like farmvilee I check in every half hojr
    and sell at 10 for I think just under 2000

  8. Cody Fiscus

    I have mastered the special items…

    Simple do not build a building unless you have enough requirements for it
    police, fire station, energy, water… etc… if you get a red bubble (
    compliant ) your timer starts… You can’t let the timer start… you have
    to listen to 5 of your blue bubbles ( just listen to your people ) after
    the 5 first blue bubbles you get 1 items per bubble…

  9. Cody Fiscus

    Also only build the first building over and over… You an auto clicker if
    you would like… Level 65 12mil cash stack… and 0 population lol

  10. TheRobloxSimmer

    How do you get mansions?i have a testing area and it has 1 house and 3
    parks around it and it still isn’t working!!!please help

  11. Tom Dutton

    You’re wrong about a few things, firstly in the stock exchange it often
    sells things that you already have, so although your stock exchange is full
    of dozen things, mine has absolutely none. Try and buy dozen things fast
    and expand massively, also you told someone else that the mansions come
    with high land value, they don’t, although land value is important because
    it decides what type of building the next will be, mansions always occur on
    the second tier, so over time and with services and no pollution the people
    will want to upgrade and you can upgrade it by making what it asks you. On
    a side note when the building is upgrading the new building will be based
    on the land value, and the building which it was previously has no
    consequence, meaning you can turn a boring small tower into an awesome
    block of glass etc. Do not expect to keep your people happy all the time as
    this requires a lot of money to buy services, I currently have small I
    dependant ones all over my city but a better idea is to have large
    fire/police stations and hospitals. Use your stores, electric and water to
    shield the residential from the pollution from factories/trash/sewage.
    Experiment with layouts too, as a better layout will save you money which
    you can spend on better things.


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