Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Pets – (Part 9) – Tricks & Treats

³Read Me ♢ ³ →The Sims Gameplay: In this part teach the pets tricks, and win a competition. We place the kittens for adoption. Website: http://www.lifesimm…

25 comentarios en “Let’s Play: The Sims 3 Pets – (Part 9) – Tricks & Treats

  1. victoria patterson

    you know what? BUY LEO BACK! at least when andre moves out get to to BUY
    LEO BACK if you can or when leo gets odopted he will just run back to mom

  2. UpOnTopLoomers

    How do u have your own store like tha when u can click on it to purchase
    it… I though you had to go to buy mode?? Im confused some now explain

  3. Georgia Keith

    Yeah your dog can get a job in the police career (as a police dog) in my
    game the sims 3 pets xbox 360, which sucks! By the way, there no horses and
    it’s just, UGH!!!!!! Luckily I have the PC version!

  4. Lyndsey Smith

    Dude, don’t always have your horse going for broke. Stay at steady pace if
    she is doing terrible, then take risks. And I think you get it.

  5. Kailey Smith

    Guys in the last episode she said she was going to give some away or
    something like that cuz she had a lot of pets I mean it’s hard keeping up
    with All the pets and plus the Sims 

  6. Katlyn Dobransky

    I seriously didn’t notice anything wrong with the kittens!!! All they did
    was go around the house!!! I guess you need the money anyway

  7. Makhayla Nichols

    If you wanted to keep the horse in the little gated area were the box stale
    is you can lock the gate and keep the horse in there


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