Let’s Play The Sims – Part 37 (New Tricks)

Gameplay of The Sims 1 series with AndrewArcade previously known as HeadbuttArcade. My Mods List: http://www.andrewarcade.com/p/the-sims-mods.html My Blog : www.andrewarcade.com My …

25 comentarios en “Let’s Play The Sims – Part 37 (New Tricks)

  1. Alex Drew

    Dear Andrew,this may sound wieard but i play your videos to fall a slep at
    night. for some reason your voice makes me calm and i fall asleep faster.
    lol XD

  2. bribriten

    I want to play this so bad! I used to all the time at my old house (oh so
    peaceful) but my mom hired crappy movers and they lost almost ALL of my
    stuff, including this game.

  3. Madeline Smith

    I just love the Sims, its weird to say, but i honestly enjoy watching you
    play sometimes more than actually playing! its probably because you just
    make it more interesting!

  4. xAaeiynx

    BTW, if you have Facebook, I took screen shots of a house I made to
    replicate the house in the Charmed series. I made it before finding out
    about mods, so it’s not 100%, but it’s pretty close 😀

  5. WyntersFrost

    Remember you have that no pet sign to put in your front yard.. it does not
    bother your pets on the lot. just keeps the strays off your lot… 🙂

  6. Mister Tibbles

    o.O Whats an avocado? I’ve heard of them but i’ve never…really…seen one
    Sorry i’m British…We just have the common fruit…


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