Making Movies With The Sims 2 – Helpful Hints and Tricks

The creators behind The Sims 2 and fellow movie makers give you an inside look into the movie making world. I strongly recommend this for those just starting out, or for those who want to…

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  1. Stytched

    they’re not really walking around their neighborhoods. what’s actually
    happening is that they’re making an area similar to the neighborhood and
    walking their sims around in it. if there’s another way, i’m not sure of
    what it is. just a little note: you can walk around your neighborhoods in
    the sims 3. c:

  2. Stytched

    go to options (the … button on the dashboard), then click on the camera
    for camera options. change the settings from low quality to medium or high
    quality and there you go. (:~ you can do this for both videos and
    snapshots. however, be sure to change the size as well or else videos will
    still be blurry when they’re resized to youtube size. i usually do the
    largest size on medium quality; works like a dream for me.

  3. tessamomessa

    Well one time I was on my sims 2 games and I wanted to make a quiet movie
    with no sound and right after I was done I unmuted the sound and put
    everything kinda were it was supposed to be and now everytime I make a
    video and then watch it then it suddenly has no sound and I try everything
    to make it work. What do I do? I really need your help PLEASE.

  4. Stytched

    air guitar is an action your sim does when talking about music. c:~ you can
    download some talk hacks from modthesims . info to get them to do it

  5. Stytched

    the pixels come from having your videos set at a low quality and small
    size. to fix this, in your game, go to the options, then click on the
    camera and set the camera options to a larger setting. i usually use medium
    size with medium quality, but most people use high quality with large size.

  6. ToxicApple Core

    @thedafe My computer does the same thing (goes slow motion when recording).
    I’m actually not entirely sure if it’s an issue with the computer or if all
    computers do the same thing, but you should know that while it’s going in
    slow motion, video playback is at normal speed. The slow motion is
    frustrating, but unless you want to sacriifice quality, there’s nothing you
    can do about it.

  7. Sims2loverxyz

    @pokythecat5 Do u have winrar? are u putting it in the downloads folder
    under ea games. and do u estract the files? cause it shuold work if u do..

  8. Greenday4dookie

    @lindsayy1981 to help you get closer shots on your keyboard press y and
    that will take you into CameraMan mode press z to zoom in and x to zoom out
    while you can move the camera with your mouse! Contact me on my channel if
    you need help with anything eles

  9. Katrina Feraco

    Thank you for posting this 🙂 it was really helpful! However, I’m curious.
    How does one display the other homes in the neighborhood during gameplay?
    I’ve noticed that they do it in this video, but never describe *how*. Do I
    need an expansion pack for that? If you can help me, that would be great,
    but if you can’t, don’t worry about it 🙂

  10. ToxicApple Core

    @DEECEE918 It might not be a problem with Youtube, but your quality
    settings in-game. Make sure your camera is set to the highest quality and
    largest size by going into the options menu and clicking on the camera. If
    you already have all that set up, it could just be movie maker. If it’s
    anything like it is on a PC, it’ll degrade the quality quite a bit.

  11. duckyduckduckx

    a video about a flying pig…And that was her favourite…wonder what her
    other videos were like…A video about a wall?? LOL


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