Sim City 5 – Tips and Tricks – Beginners guide to making money

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  1. Ditler

    Psshh, Man if you just wana see how it feels to be rich, run the game in
    sandbox mode, and while playing press Alt+w and do that and you can get
    millions , or billions. LOL that’s cheap but hey

  2. 1q2w3e4r911

    Don’t listen to him. Set up your infrastructure as soon as possible. Zone
    as much RCI and roads as possible with your initial 50,000 simoleans. Once
    you run out of money, take out a loan for 25,000 (more if you have other
    City Halls in the region). Plop your basic utilities with the funds from
    your first loan. Take out another loan and zone a little more roads and
    RCI, and then build the fire station with bell. Take out another loan and
    build the police station and medical clinic. By now you will have enough
    sims in your town to upgrade your city hall to add the utilities module, if
    you don’t already have it in the region. Start taxing the shit out of your
    sims. Don’t worry, 20% across the board will give you 20,000 to 30,000 per
    hour if your population is over several thousand, and the Sims will only
    complain for the first day or so, with only 10% or so population loss. The
    police, medics, and fire will put a slight stopper in the chaos. Trust me.
    Within several sim hours (a couple of real minutes) you will have the water
    filtration pumps and sewage treatment plants. Another several sim days ( a
    few real minutes) and you will have two or three oil, coal, or ore
    operations, complete with trucks and sign. Purchase a trade depot, pay off
    your loans, and then lower the taxes to 9% across the board. Demolish the
    abandoned and rubbled buildings. You will find that you will be able to add
    parks, schools, and upgrade roads very quickly due to your specialization
    income. Purchase schools and parks according to demand. You will need to
    make your second upgrade to your city hall before you are finished placing
    parks. I suggest transportation second, because it will stimulate your mid
    and high density growth.


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