Sim City 5 – Tips and Tricks – Making Money with the Arcology and Electronics

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25 comentarios en “Sim City 5 – Tips and Tricks – Making Money with the Arcology and Electronics

  1. Giancarlo Olvera

    Awesome. Stupid question here, but I just started the Arcology solo but I
    have no idea how to get alloy to it. I have a recycle center and trade
    depot but not sure what settings to toggle to get those materials to the
    Arcology. Help?

  2. Alex Moore

    dude i need your help. i honestly suck at making cities and i always have
    issues with not enough residential, commercial, and no workers in the damn
    industry, no matter how many cities i make and no matter what way i set up
    traffic and zones, i always have problems.. please help me man. add me on
    origin so i can chat with you, if you are able

  3. Demi-Gods Play

    Its definitely better to make TV’s in my opinion. They sell for more, and
    pretty much cost the same as computers to make. Either way, electronics is
    the way to go if you want the most money. The education of your city also
    improves the efficiency of your electronic factories (or so they say), so
    if you’re not making a profit, it could be that your Sims aren’t educated
    enough, so your factories aren’t making as much as they should.

  4. 19830817

    I tried to do the same thing and none of my industrial stays operational..
    They always abandon the building for unskilled workers?

  5. 讬拽讬专 诪讝专讞讬

    hi my man! i also build the arcology great work and i have a problam! when
    i finish build it i only get a low skill workers! i do something wrong?

  6. Leonard Chang

    wow.. this city is totally.. evil.. no trees, no forest, ground all black
    by polution, even i let bunch of forest areas totally untouched锘


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