Sim City Part 2: “Sim city Tips & Tricks” 100k Population and Traffic control

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25 comentarios en “Sim City Part 2: “Sim city Tips & Tricks” 100k Population and Traffic control

  1. TsukiDAE

    The guy at gamestop said he couldn’t stop playing it from the moment he got
    it. But note, there are no cheats (unless u play sandbox) and you play
    online servers. so far i don’t see any offline play. But yeah this game is
    pretty awesome i have been playing it none stop as well.

  2. Gunkas

    What get’s me is how we were lied to when they claimed the game HAD to be
    online to process anything. Then it was later discovered that the game only
    needs to be online to save the city.

  3. havocgr1976

    I succumbed to the temptation and bought it, the servers aint a problem
    anymore (well except the fact when they bring em down one day you wont be
    able to play the game ), BUT the cheetah speed not working IS a problem,
    and the simulation has a ton of bugs that hopefully they ll fix.

  4. Binini

    Digital Rights Management – basically being control freaks and not allowing
    us to play offline (when its completely possible for them to…

  5. Exodus53

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    parts of gambling for me is getting a sleek casino to get over 100,000
    profit per day 🙂

  6. piepding .

    Go to region few then last button on the right looks like a present click
    on it and there you can choose what you want to send. Its not instant since
    it has to be transported from one city to the other, if you have alot of
    traffic it can take a while

  7. Doazic

    If you look at the pollution map, high tech is still pretty dirty, it’d be
    good if it were clean since then you could put it a lot closer to
    residential and cut commute times.

  8. ACU Ballistics

    The best trick I used with SimCity was, Start > Control Panel > Uninstall
    Programs > SimCity > Uninstall
    It worked like a charm.


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