SimCity ★ Tips and Tricks

Diablo Pablo shares some valuable tips and tricks for playing the new Simcity game for both beginners and veterans!

25 comentarios en “SimCity ★ Tips and Tricks

  1. Paolo Ibayan

    Nice Guide but you forgot telling them that they can also make bridges by
    pressing M while drawing roads or N to create a tunnel. Bridges and tunnels
    are good to prevent intersections which may cause too much traffic in your
    city. One of my city has an expressway in its middle a big bridge and 2
    roads beneath it going to different areas of the cities and it almost
    eliminated the traffic. Any way this guide is very helpful!

  2. QueenLazy

    Fantastic Tips! Just started playing this game again and wow…can’t
    believe how much I didn’t know. I was just placing things down. Thanks for
    the tips :)

  3. Afonso Azevedo

    That bus stop tip isn’t true, if you have a lot of bus stops a lot of sims
    won’t use their cars, they will use the bus. Less cars > Less Traphic >
    Faster busses > Less time waiting > Compensation for having lots of bus
    stops > Happiness, and obviously less Traphic.

  4. Daktur Pepper

    Another Tip: Go to an empty flatland region and use all of the area to
    residential houses and eventually you’ll have 40k residents and they have
    no commercials nor industrials but they’ll have to commute to work to the
    main city and it’ll help if your city needs more workers.

  5. Ian Scott

    I don’t see any tips or tricks here only a very basic tutorial.
    But I do look at some peoples cities in my region and 99% of them are
    rubbish so I guess this vid may help some people

  6. Grinsekatze Cheshire

    first time on your channel. love your voice and the way you talk 🙂 btw thx
    4 the tips
    I wanted to get educated a bit while installing xD


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