Sims 3 101 – Lighting Tricks

Lighting up your house adequately in The Sims 3 can often be a bit of a challenge and can become very messy, very quickly. Hopefully these little tips will h…

25 comentarios en “Sims 3 101 – Lighting Tricks

  1. Hanna Dziadyk

    How to turn off this cheat? I mean how to hide this question mark? Because
    when I’m writing testingcheatsenabled false it doesn’t work and this mark
    is still there. Can I fix it somehow or it’s going to be for ever?

  2. SlayerAJ

    I have many ceiling lights everywhere and usually I end up clicking the
    lights instead of the object I’m wanting to click. Thank you!!

  3. Darian Haynes

    You are now my favorite person in the world right now, you know how some
    sims will disappear when they age up, will my game did that and out out of
    my 7 sims 4 of them disappear! I was on my 6th gen of sims! 🙁 you have no
    idea how much this helps make my life easier! 🙂 

  4. Monkeh101

    The tutorials for Sims 3 are very nice!

    I am wondering if you have any idea how to place the ceiling tiles on the
    ceiling in Sims 3, if you have any idea could you make a tutorial video?

  5. 1229xGAMES

    whenever i use the lights from buydebug, it doesn’t let me save. i have
    tried letting the game save for the night and it still doesnt let me save.
    can you help me?


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