Sims 3 Tips and Tricks – Car Body Kits

Get the Sims 3 for cheap here: Here is a trick that you can do on your version of the sims 3. This trick allows you to create c…

25 comentarios en “Sims 3 Tips and Tricks – Car Body Kits

  1. XboxLass1234

    @TheVintagewilly once again you failed, you dont ussually say your scum,
    you would say you scum. and scum? your the one who is trolling over
    something that is obviously not purpose, complete fucking idiot, i tell you.

  2. Ben Boy

    @camperdude97 my only other suggestion is to uninstall all the cars you
    have installed, and then re-run the game to see if the problem does arrise
    to the use of the cars. if it doesn’t quit then it could be a problem with
    just a particular number of the cars, however if it does, then there is a
    problem with the game itself. i hope this helps 8D


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