Sims 4 Tips & Tricks | Tip # 1 – Scaling Objects

Did you know you can dramatically enlarge or shrink objects to random sizes? Want to know how? Here’s a SIMS 4 Tip & Tricks Video on how to do just that! If …

12 comentarios en “Sims 4 Tips & Tricks | Tip # 1 – Scaling Objects

  1. Odell Payne

    If you’re familiar with Photoshop, it is the same keyboard technique used
    to increase brush sizes. (Minimize or to make smaller) Ctrl + [ —
    (Maximize or to make larger) Ctrl +] .. Good stuff Alex

  2. YourLBN

    @ odell payne – thats a good point, how ever you would scaling in photoshop
    on your keyboard, it may work the same for scaling within the sims…thats
    for those of you using non-american type keyboards…

  3. YourLBN

    According to one of our viewers () Here is how to research this feature for
    a Euro Keyboard:
    “You can just google “bracket key” and see where it should be on the

  4. Lokee

    I have a danish keyboard, and I just wanted to say that on mine you have to
    click ‘Å’ to enlarge and ” ´ ” to shrink. move the object around a little
    if it doesn’t enlarge right away.


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