The sims 2 ULTIMATE cheats, tricks,tips secrets and more! (pc)

To do any of these cheats press ctrl+shift+c to do the cheat menu then u should be able to type in the code. ALSO MAKE SURE YOU DONT PUT…

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  1. xStaceyy14x

    Thanks lol. I would uninstall my game but i cant be bothered. Maybe i’ll
    just delete that family Ha But if I DO uninstall it, would all the familys
    ive made delete?

  2. RandomRainbowsShow

    hey a long time ago i found a video with a cheat that worked but i lost the
    piece of paper that i had it written down on and i was wondering if you
    knew it, you bring up the cheat bar and type in SetHighestLevelAllowed then
    whatever number you want. this one doesnt work so do you know the actual
    way of typing it cuz i cant remember!!! thx

  3. Dynasty Nakatani

    ok the cheat boolprp testingcheatsenabled true….i heard that after
    entering it you can drag motive bars and relationship bars but i cant seem
    to be able to do it…i was wondering if you could help? or had some idea
    why its not working thx:)

  4. Jamie Skittlez

    i try 2 use the vignette cheat but when i use that boolprop cheat right b4
    my game starts doing weird things. like everytime i do something, it
    freezes on the screen. do u kno how 2 fix that? i already knew all the
    other codes

  5. sweetdork09

    the only thing that i know would be when you create your sim and use either
    “M” or “N” when creating the last name for them. it will say it is enabled
    or disabled for custom hair. IM NOT FOR SURE!


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