The Sims 3 – Building Tips and Tricks #2 – Stairs (Part 1)

Hi guys i recorded 50 minutes.. so i had to split this in two parts this week.. i hope thats okey and i hope you learn something today… tomorrow it going t…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 3 – Building Tips and Tricks #2 – Stairs (Part 1)

  1. Lebanna

    Wow! I was messing around with stairs today in the ground, an I couldn’t
    figure out how to get them to go the correct way. Now I know!

  2. Rabboleth

    3:48 if you don’t mind using mods, buzzler’s shorter cheats really come in
    handy at this point. It reduces cheat codes to two or three letters, making
    the absurdly long ones much easier to use. Bulding can be tricky enough as
    is, without having to type “constrainFloorElevation” with absolute
    precision over and over… and *over*. ^_^

  3. puspaloshni pusphparajoo

    Hai Chrill.. Nice video. It helps a lot. Thank you. But could you put in
    the cheat words in the description as well in your next video. Sorry
    couldn’t really got it. Thank you again.

  4. Gina R

    Omg thnk u soooo much u have no idea how long i was waitin 4 stair tips now
    i can try to make a nice staircase instead of jus a stupid single 1 lol 🙂 


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