The Sims 3 – Building Tips and Tricks #2 – Stairs (Part 2)

Hello there, here is the last part of the tips and tricks video of staires hope you liked it so far and sorry for my english in this video aswell.. Follow me…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 3 – Building Tips and Tricks #2 – Stairs (Part 2)

  1. sigthor1945

    Thanks again for this video, it was very, very helpful. I would very much
    like to see how once you’ve placed the stairs in an L or U shape how do you
    place your floors around them? Could you take this video a little bit
    further to show us the next step in building the house? Also once you’ve
    created a second floor split level how do you place the windows and doors.
    Can you remove the walls that were needed to place the L shaped stairs so
    that it’s like a landing? Please just explain a bit more.

  2. JenFRxo

    Chrill thank you so much for showing how to make L stairs, I’ve always
    wanted to know and always had to use custom content stairs as I didn’t know
    how to do it, I can finally do them myself thanks 😀 

  3. Marvin Gayotin

    can you make a beginner video for building on a piece of land where the
    land itself is already on a hill to start off? i went into world mode,
    tried to flatten the terrain and now you cant enter the property but you
    can build on it. no one can visit though, since its about an inch back from
    the road. is there anyway to fix that so i can enter the property? or
    should i just bulldoze the whole thing and try to build somewhere else? i
    wanted a hillside resort, but it just isn’t working due to the rectangle of
    the land is a bit far back from the road.


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