The Sims 3 Building tricks (E.P.1) :3 Layer Flat roof Tutorial

Building Tricks and tips Episode 1 using CONSTRAINFLOORELEVATION This is a 3 layer flat roof design ,you can make it 2,4 or 5 layers too but remember in the …

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  1. Connie LKL

    Hi…you are amazing with Sims3 house creation !!!! .. I did follow your
    step on this 3flat roof building but can’t quite get it done .First of all
    I had the “testingcheatsenabled true on the launching menu …then I get to
    a place having foundation done then enter Constrainfloorelevation false to
    create the rest but I still get a 1/4 of the walls with the roof !!…. how
    is it so ..or somethings or steps I miss .It would be nice if you can do a
    more thorough video on this …. so sorry for this ..still new with hse
    creation ..Much oblige …. thks 


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