The Sims 3 Building tricks (E.P.2) :Stairs Designs Tutorial

Building Tricks and tips Episode 2 using CONSTRAINFLOORELEVATION These are some stairs designs that i used in my houses Leave a comment if you got any questi…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 3 Building tricks (E.P.2) :Stairs Designs Tutorial

  1. l OnlySimmer I

    Thanks for the tutorial 🙂 ime a simmer i mostly do let’s plays and cas . I
    upload 1 vid everyday and would love if u checked out my Chanel please :)

  2. BornRisky

    the first one doesn’t work for me, I’ve followed every single step and I’ve
    had to add additional steps just to try to be able to do it. But my
    constrainfloorelevation cheat messes up, it won’t let me flatten anything
    on a foundation just “exposed” terrain 

  3. Sonno D

    Like the video, and want to build it, but I cannot place the stairs on the
    indoor floor. The 1sth top stair said objects cannot cross, and bottom
    stairs, needs to be placed on floor. No placement possible so far. Some
    help please? I use constrainfloorelevation false. When I turn on true still
    not working. I followed steps in tutorial.


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