25 comentarios en “The Sims 3 – TIPS FOR NOOBS

  1. BBarros1111

    I dont know why but when i try to use the middle mouse it does not work. (
    yes i know how iv used it on my sisters sim game. ) PLEASEEEEE help me!

  2. Toob Fumes

    I’ve been playIng the sims 3 ever since it came out and these can be
    helpful tips for noobs you just sound a little loud and stuff. NO HATE I

  3. CallMeMiku

    I am done with some people’s attitude. You, bitch, think you’re the best
    simmer of the world. And this video doesn’t show any tips. It shows what
    you think is annoying. Let people play TS3 how they want. If they don’t
    want a job immediately, let them be. If they don’t want to speed up their
    game, that’s their choice. They want to play ts3 in their way. Leave them
    be. Simple as that. 

  4. Senpai Chan

    I don’t like how u sounds like commanding us to do this and that. If u
    really want to help, just give us some freedom. I mean I don’t like how u
    always want my sim family to be rich and stuff. I want my sims to “earn”
    their money

  5. HuskeyLover16

    PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! two things (:P) One: Is Everything from
    The Sims Resource safe?!?!?!?!?! I really want cc and I REALLY NEED TO
    KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And two: I played on a labtop, but it was
    a really bad labtop (I’m using it right now XD) for TS3. But anyways, I got
    a bunch of hairs from TS3 Store, downloaded them, and used them. But then I
    got a new computer on the same account and I don’t have them anymore!!! 🙁
    So please help me. Thank You already <3

  6. nlgamingmyth

    Why are jou anoed by eferiting if jou tink somthing is anoing dont wats i
    watchd this becoes i wanet to lern some usful stuf not to hear thath jou
    hate every thing peaple do in the sims

  7. Summertime23

    U r a noob that is no help and ur stupid attitude is really annoying I hate
    it u need to be nicer to other simmers and some people like the way they do
    it dont tell them what they dont want to do

    I thought this video would be really good tips but NO IT WAS THE OPPOSITE U

  8. Mommamaelyn28

    Thank you for the videos but perhaps you could leave out the Jesus Christ
    and god dammit comments. It is very offensive to many people, and I
    wouldn’t really want my child seeing it. Thank you. 

  9. Freddie mania

    I’d like to say a tip. If you have the lifetime happiness points for 2 sims
    and they both can buy inheritance have 1 buy the inheritance and the other
    buy the hover bed (from generations EP) because if they’re poor and they
    have a bad mood let from their bed the hover bed will give your sims a
    great mood let!

  10. Carlie Olivia

    So I’ve been playing sims for about two months now and I looked at this
    video to see if I could find out more stuff and this is literally all stuff
    I already know. These aren’t really tips they are opinions about what you
    think is annoying and not. Everyone has their own preference to control
    their game. You kinda made it seem like the way you were doing it is the
    way you have to do it. This was also really annoying because all you said
    were obvious things that people could find on their own. Also with the
    whole have your sims repair things theirselves it’s stupid because you die
    if you don’t have the handy skill to repair stuff. That’s why your sim died
    because they don’t have the handy trait or the handy skill. If you’re
    planning on having a big family at least have one handy person if you’re
    cheap. For my I try not to use cheats but if I need them im going to use
    them. You don’t need to do all this saving money stuff. When you say money
    you have ugly houses like yours and it’s boring and not entertaining 


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