The Sims 3 – Tips & Tricks – Deleting the Undeletable

Just a quick video for you guys, If any of you are new to recording and building in The Sims, hopefully this will help you out! Music Used: Alta Vibración by…

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  1. DriftKingNL

    Do note that using testingcheatsenabled will make it so that from that
    point on, all gems collected in Al Simhara, Champ Les Sims and Shang Simla
    will look like Blue Topaz when you take them back to your normal Sims
    house. But this can be solved by using the Miner from the Ambitions
    extpansion pack. The Miner can dig up anything from Blue Topaz to
    Rainbowgems and Tiberium (World Adventures) But they don’t count towards
    the collection score because of a bug. It’s still usefull to use if you
    want to get all the raw gems in the correct color though.


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