The Sims 3 Tutorial: L-Shaped Stairs

15K Views! Thanks for everyone watching!! Cheat: ConstrainFloorElevation False Town: Hidden Springs.

25 comentarios en “The Sims 3 Tutorial: L-Shaped Stairs

  1. Anton blah

    Please help me on this stair case. I did exactly like you did but I cant
    get the stair to connect properly from the second floor to where the L is
    turning. I can get the the first floor easy but the second floor wont
    corrects it’s length.

  2. Nicki Mason

    Took me 3 hours to find a decent tutorial on how to do this and I found you

    You just earned yourself a subbie and a interweb hug :D

  3. robbert vroege

    can u help me? i wanne try something els with like the ground… to make it
    smooth against the wall but wen i do that it wont let me elevate the walls
    annymore how do i get that right?

    EDIT: nevermind i got it

  4. LJ Evans

    If you didn’t understand this tutorial, you could probably check out
    TheSimSupply or Chrillsims3’s videos. They explain it orally.

  5. Megan Truscott

    I can’t for the life of me get the stairs to snap to the second platform.
    They’ll go anywhere else including through the floor but not to make the
    short stairs. Even moveobjects on doesn’t work.

  6. Dustin Nunyo

    🙁 I wish this game was multiplayer unfortunately I don’t find the sims fun
    unless I am playing with my GF 🙁 but this looks like it would be a LOT of


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