The sims 3 tutorial – pool tricks – Chrillsims3

so i did a tutorial this time ­čÖé hope you like it … i dont know if is it a infinity pool but it looks like it ^^ so im doing a website for sims and chrills…

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  1. pauloferreira12

    I just can not play the part of the pool with a foundation that can help me
    and when I do a ctrl foundation does not appear at the foot of the pool

  2. BreeBreeTM

    the infinity pool didnt work for me. :[ the sides of the pool didnt stay
    raised. the water did, but the wallpaper dipped down, and i couldnt paint

  3. Darwin Xavier

    Moving things around your placed windows while the cheat is active can
    cause the wall to show up instead of the glass like at 3:04. After turning
    off moveobjects, picking up the windows and then pressing esc to cancel
    also works to clear away any image distortion from not having the windows
    normally placed. This also applies to doors.´╗┐

  4. Cody Fountain

    Hey! When placing the windows, you don’t have to delete them to make them
    work properly. You can just click on the with the hand tool, and then click
    again to place them back on the wall. Doing that will make them transparent
    again. Not sure if its been mentioned, so I thought I would put it out


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