The Sims 4 – 10 AWESOME Tips & Tricks!

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25 comentarios en “The Sims 4 – 10 AWESOME Tips & Tricks!

  1. cheechsgurl

    thank you for the tips, so far I am loving the game ! I am sure there will
    be game improvements as with all of the sims games ! I have played ever
    since the Sims came out !! 

  2. antiduckable

    I bought The Sims 4 on the UK release day having never really played any
    games in the franchise before… Actually, my only experience of The Sims
    before this was accidentally burning my friend’s entire mansion (that he’d
    spent hours building) down after a few seconds of playing The Sims 1, but I
    have to say that I’m lovin’ The Sims 4! Despite there not being much to do,
    I’m having tons of fun with my first ever sim (Prakazrel Jones) who is a
    fisherman and womanising tramp genius; he freeloads from the Roomies
    household, sleeps on a bench, goes fishing a lot, has babies with most of
    the women in The Sims 4 and is secretly a genius.

    Is it possible to get sims that aren’t single to cheat on their partner?
    I’ve been trying to get Bella Goth to cheat on Mortimer for ages!

  3. defil3d

    I haven’t caught up with you in a while. I didn’t want to interfere with
    your success going into Jagex and apologize for the way it had to end. I
    bought The Sims 4 on release day and can’t put it down. Excited for future
    Expansion Packs, Stuff Packs and DLC! I knew most of this, but awesome man.
    Catch up w/me sometime

  4. Lirissa Hardy

    So how do you do it of pc and not Origin! I didn’t got the game off it! I
    don’t even have Origin! I try look up and got a pc version but when I tape
    it in, it crash the game! P>S “I don’t have Origin at all”! 🙂 Please and
    thank you! :)

  5. Smiles AdriA

    I think most people might know these tips,but i love the music one!
    I Just have some cheats incase you want to know:
    Provides 1,000 Simoleons: kaching OR rosebud

    Provides 50,000 Smioleons: motherlode

    Raise a Child’s Grade Performance(Gradeschool:Child): Careers.promote

    Raise a Child’s Grade Performance(Highschool:Teen): Careers.promote

    NEW CHEAT:Move Object Cheat(You Can Move Objects Into Other Objects Or
    To activate the cheat:

    1. Type Ctrl-Shift-C to bring up the game’s console.

    2. Enter “testingcheats true”

    3. Enter “bb.moveobjects”

    4. Enter “Ctrl-Shift-C” to close the dialog box

    5. To turn off the cheat, repeat steps 1-4.

    · Note, once the cheat is off, you can’t move the affected objects.
    If you do, the “moveobject” ability will be lost.

  6. Ben Mallie

    Thank you so much for this video, will help a lot with my gameplay. I love
    The Sims 4, I can spend hours playing it then afterwards when I’m out and
    about I look at people and think hmm they would make a great sim lol

  7. Hey!tsRae

    I honestly would’ve hated this game so much if I had to rotate objects the
    way that it’s at default. Thank you sooooo much for showing me how to
    change it back to the easier way as shown in all the other sim games.

  8. Lauren Pelzer

    Sims 4 is hard! I can never successfully have my teenagers complete school,
    compared to how easy Sims 3 was. The emotions of
    fun Sims always seem low. 

  9. Devyn Wilson

    Another really great tip is meal prepping! Click on fridge > Select Cook >
    Select largest portion possible. Your sim will eat their serving, and then
    you can choose to “Put Away” your meal. It comes it handy when you don’t
    want to cook every single time. Your sim can just “Open” the fridge, and
    you’re able to choose the meal that has already been made. Just wanted to
    add that. :)

  10. Kelly Marcella

    Thanks for the tips, especially the tutorial one. My first impression of
    The Sims 4 wasn’t great to be honest. I found the camera difficult to
    control with the touchpad on my laptop, even after switching to Sims 3
    controls. I couldn’t tilt the camera and found maneuvering very difficult.
    CAS was the best improvement for me I think. I don’t know about anyone
    else, but Sims 3 was really laggy in CAS, especially after downloading CC
    and Expansion Packs. But Sims 4 is very quick in that department and I chew
    sims up and spit them out in half the time as before. 😛 I like the
    emotions too. Brings more depth into the game. Unfortunately, after making
    my Sim, building a house and introducing her to her neighbours, I found
    that there’s not much to do after that. But I expect future Expansion Packs
    will see to this.
    Overall, I like Sims 4 more than Sims 3 and I’ve gotten used to the camera
    now using the keyboard. I hope any Expansion Packs will give my Sims more
    to do. :)

  11. Clamp Ino

    Hey mate, no Sims 4 until now has been a disappointment. Up until now sims
    3 is still so much more fun to play, hopefully I’ll change my mind further

  12. cynthia rose

    a thought – if you add the 10 awesome tips and tricks in your description
    it makes good for quick re-check. i enjoy like seeing what the tricks to
    but sometimes i just need the wording.

  13. Nooby Man

    I don’t actually consider angry to be a negative emotion, I consider it to
    be neutral, depending on your play style, as I do uncomfortable which is a
    negative emotion (unless you like tormenting your sims, which I sometimes
    do). I say neutral because if your sim is an introvert, angry wouldn’t
    really do anything. If your sim is an extrovert, angry would limit social
    interaction. If your sim is kind of a jerk, angry would be a helpful


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