The Sims 4 Exclusive Gameplay – FIRE, SIMS INTERACTIONS, BUILD MODE

The Sims 4 Exclusive Gameplay – Including a crazy fire from Cooking. Interacting with New Sims, Build Mode & so much more Hit the Like button and subscribe if your NEW FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 4 Exclusive Gameplay – FIRE, SIMS INTERACTIONS, BUILD MODE

  1. CaptainAubie

    The talking interactions looks so nice! Back then you would have to get up
    and then move to another place where there was “room”. It was always so
    annoying and now they can just talk wherever

  2. Retro radio

    sooooo, they took away most of the features in exchange for the character
    animations, no particular upscale in graphics and better facial

  3. Kenzievids

    All of you act like there’s not gonna be any expansion packs, stuff packs
    or patches. The stuff removed might come back in expansions, and pools and
    toddlers will most likely come back in a patch. I don’t see any reason to
    be upset if there’s still a chance of them being added? v.v

  4. EvaJNeve

    I wasn’t quie excited when the trailer of sims 4 came out, it doesn’t look
    good to me, the emotions are the only thing I like. I feel really limited
    in CAS with the sliders since it’s hard to get something other than
    standard what everyone has, which is compeltely different in sims 3. I hate
    that there is no pool, no toddlers and no open world, they can’t even make
    the cars like sims 2? Well shit, this is garbage, I’ve always loved the
    improvements of sims 1 to sims 2 to sims 3 but this is stuck between sims 2
    and sims 3, maybe even sims 1 and sims 2 if the graphics were worse.. And
    when the game is lacking so much, they still ask so much money for it. Just
    no. I don’t really see a point why I’d ever buy this.. Oh the only thing I
    do like is the build mode new options, with sculpting the roofs and more
    variety in walls but then we miss the best thing from sims 3 ; create a
    style which is something I definitely need.. I’ll stick to my sims 3
    collection.. Let’s hope sims 5 will be an improvement..? 

  5. sigthor1945

    This was awesome, thank you so much for letting us see this. I haven’t seen
    this much game play before. It’s different in part to the Sims 3 but in a
    really good way. It seems a lot more dynamic. I can only imagine how much
    better it’s going to get as time goes by. Plus then there’s the custom
    content that I’ll download into the game. 16 more days to go in Australia.


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