The Sims 4 Relationship Cheats Friendship and Romance

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  1. Arianna Betancourt

    OMFG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I made this teenage couple and the girlfriend aged
    up a day before her boyfriend so, he only had 1% interest in her while she
    had 56% interest in him so then they both became young adults and then when
    the girl did romance stuff to the boy he accepted her, but when the boy did
    something romantic to the girl she rejected it. So I had the girl propose
    to the boy because when I clicked on her propose it let her, but when I
    clicked on boys propose it said romance is too low! Now they both love each
    other equally! 🙂 Now I LOVE you so much! Subscribed, liked, and commented.

    -Arianna xoxoxo

  2. Tibert Elst

    I think it only works with sims whose first and last name consists of a
    single word only: e.g. It will work for ‘Katrina Caliente’ but not for
    ‘Emily Van Outen’..

  3. Jordax Desturctiox

    How do you do it if your sims has 2 last names? My sim is named Leonardo Da
    Kraft(kraft was a random name the game chose) And i named him that because
    of homage to da vinci, and this other sim i wanna make him best friends
    with , i put the cheat the exact way but it doesnt work

  4. Miso_Soup!Go

    Guys. If it doesn’t work than some people can’t type in a 100 % if you
    already have a accuqitances status with them. Only type in 50 to 80 percent.
    As with the 2 last name first name stuff. Just type in their whole name
    like usual.

  5. Minnie Riley St Claire

    How does it work if your sim has 2 firstnames or 2 lastnames or multiple
    names. my sim Shay Lee Brown needs to be married off I can not get it
    work. I liked it better when you just moved the mouse and it would raise
    the bar. this way is soo annoying.

  6. Somewhat Awesome Games

    Watch and Listen to the video then make sure you spell and space everything
    out correctly. If you’re still struggling to spell correctly copy and paste
    the code from the description then just change the names to the ones you

  7. Pepijn Zwaan

    I have watched the video and done everything right but my char have two
    names he calls: «hans heeft alles» so how do i need to do that ? 

  8. Somewhat Awesome Games

    +Ariyana Estrada Don’t go all conspiracy theory if you can’t get it to
    work, be sure to read the description for the codes and try again. 

  9. Derek Dinh

    Guy I FOUND THE REASON WHY IT DOESNT WORK!!! enter the cheat «testingcheats
    true» and hold shift and click on the sim, then click on reset sim(debug),
    then enter the cheat mod relationship, hope it help guys :)

  10. Lilly Pad

    Okay, I’m having a rather odd issue. I have two sims who are husband and
    wife, but when they «woohoo» only one will be pleased.When they are done
    with they’re «business» one sim will either be happy or very happy, and the
    other will be not pleased. They tried for a baby three times and only just
    got the soon-to-be-mother preggers…I’m a bit worried.
    Oh well its fine I suppose, they don’t need to woohoo often either way.


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