The Sims 4 Tips and Tricks: Lost in the Simosphere

Here’s a little helping video to find your sims if you’ve saved on two separate lots Thanks for watching! Please LIKE and SHARE Twitter:…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 4 Tips and Tricks: Lost in the Simosphere

  1. Lauren Sydney

    I’m guessing you got a new mic? Sounds WAY better! I actually just bought
    the sims 4 like 10 minutes ago. It’s still downloading xD so exicted to
    play! Only thing about the mic is I had to turn my volume up, alot. 🙂 but
    over all great quality!

  2. Valeria Germanotta

    The new mic is so good, the old one sounded “grainy” if you know what I
    mean! The new mic is sounding perfect! Not too low and not too high! Loved
    this vid as my Sims 4 is currently downloading. By the way, about how long
    did it take for your game to download?

  3. Britt Sims Production s

    Hi Molly!❤ You are a super nice girl/simmer and i love your video’s! I
    always watch them!!! Youre beautiful and are so kind to everyone! Im a fan
    of you and will always be! You create beautiful Sims! Youre awesome!!!! And
    mostly youre so funny! Youre my fave Simmer! I cant imagine my life without
    your video’s!!! Youre SOOO GREAT!I love your Lets plays !! If you read
    this i want you to tell that youre awesome and Great keep doing this stuff

  4. I Love Vlogging

    Hi! I was wondering if u could make a cheats video?! I have the sims 4 and
    i want to do motherlode to buy a new house and i dont know how to, everyone
    is saying there is a cheat for motherlode but i cant figure it out. Can u
    please help me? 

  5. ChrisCapulet

    So does that mean that whatever the Sims were doing on the lot becomes
    cancelled when you load up the game (unless they’re all on the same lot)
    ’cause you have to bring them back onto the lot they were supposed to be
    on? … What the hell.


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