The Sims 4 Tutorial: Curved Fences & Foundations

The Sims 4 Tutorial will show you how to work with the new curved fences, foundations, and I share some tips and tricks. Find more of my creations on The Sims 4 Gallery using the hashtag #Simified…

21 comentarios en “The Sims 4 Tutorial: Curved Fences & Foundations

  1. sigthor1945

    This tutorial was one that I was actually looking for, it was extremely
    helpful. I’m having trouble placing a fence around the top of my stairwell,
    so I haven’t tried any of this out yet but I’m hoping this’ll be the answer
    to my problem. When I’ve tried to add a fence the game wants to put it onto
    the room I have next to the top of the stairs, but not around the stairs
    themselves. I’ve tried putting walls around the top of the stairs and then
    getting a fence around that, but then my stairs disappear. I was giving up
    on the idea of a fence at the top of stairs but this has given me hope. ☺

  2. hermione09hp

    To show us how to use the foundations, you were using (what i call) the
    flat enclosed pieces. What I would like to know (cos i am a little stumped
    in my game right now), is *when* you use the foundation slider, I get
    foundation INSIDE of my home! Obviously, I don’t want that. I am piecing
    together some of the styled rooms together. (kind of like the blueprint we
    had in the sims 3) But(!) … when I want to add the foundation, that’s
    where I get the foundation IN the house. How can I avoid that?

  3. jenna perger

    whenever i try to place stairs to my foundation they wont attach to it!
    theyre like going up instead of down and i cant adjust it! help pls :(

  4. Cassandra Chya

    Well explained! This video really helped me a lot thank you so much! I was
    actually so confused as to how to build my houses in Sims 4. xx


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