The Sims 4 Tutorial — How to Split Level

Here is my first tutorial / preview of The Sims 4 build mode! Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 Website – Twitter – Facebook – Email –…

25 comentarios en “The Sims 4 Tutorial — How to Split Level

  1. Simatography Machinima

    Awesome. I’ll direct people here to your channel to see what you are up to.
    We were trying this too, Ed and I, with different approaches. I used the
    same method as you just did. I caught something not noted here, that I wish
    I had a photo of. I Placed a fireplace, but it doesn’t recognize the floor
    on the “ground” it recognizes and places the fireplace at the level of the
    foundation (because the fireplace would usually sit on the floor and the
    wall together?), so the result was a raised fireplace which was kind of

  2. paperlilies100

    i wonder how deligracy will do her “let’s renovate”/”let’s furnish” or
    james his “let’s build” with few selection of wallpapers, doors. windows
    etc…. freaking 9 couches and no color wheel, no pattern selection

  3. Bag2218

    Now that build mode’s pretty much gotten rid of every technique you used in
    previous games, I’m curious to see how elaborate your houses will be this
    time around (and other fellow builders for that matter). Here’s hoping
    build mode gets its shit together in the future.

  4. MissAllie0717

    Looks like it has some of the same lighting glitches as TS3 (i.e. the lower
    level wall is dark even though it’s next to the light on the upper level).
    I certainly don’t think there’s time to fix it before the release. Maybe
    they’ll patch it soon.

  5. LaraCroft MP

    Idk about this game. I have so many bad thoughts about it. Even the new CAS
    is horrible (IN MY OPINION). I don’t like the new sytem at all. Maybe the
    perfomance and build features are the ONLY improvement for me. The rest
    just seems a big downgrade. Yet again, its my opinion, and i’m pretty sure
    i won’t change my thoughts when i try out this game. 

  6. cristian c

    Unlike everyone in the whole world i like the demos and CAS and Build/Buy
    mode. even thought they did remove some features sims 3 did the same at the
    begining there will be patches, stuff pack, and expansion packs. i am no
    critic but sometime you have to look on the brightside. REMEMBER this is my
    opinion so if you dont like it dont like it if you do then like it. Thats
    all i got to SAY!!

  7. Eva B

    Lots of people are saying that the Sims 4 is bad and everything but I am
    blown away by EA’s creations. I’ve played TS3 before but I’ve never really
    had it, I’m not a professional Sims house builder or anything, but the new
    techniques have really interested me into buying this game with MY money
    instead of my parents! It also seems so much more easy than in the sims 3
    where I had no clue what to do in the house build mode… I think everyone
    should also open their eyes just a little more and see that this is just a
    base game, and their are many more expansion packs to come :)

  8. Clara Kullman

    How can you erase the wall without using the erasetool? I mean you just
    drag over the wall and then It´s gone. How do you do that? Would be very
    helpfull to know! Can you or someone respons? 🙂 

  9. Kyle Sims

    Sim supply I wonder someone can help me I am going to get a new computer
    but I don’t know what one will be good to run the sims 3 with all stuff
    packs and expansions + mods and CC. If someone could reply I would be
    grateful thanks

  10. nathan fyfe

    for some reason when I tried this, once I deleted the floor there was a
    ledge sticking out about a foot out from the wall in line with where the
    floor was; I can ppace objexts against the wall(except kitchen counters
    fsr) but it doesn’t look sleek, any idea why?


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